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“Having a website alone doesn't guarantee that customers will find your business.”

It's like having a beautiful store with great products, but no one knows it exists. That's why it's essential to actively promote your website and services. After building your website, North Star Web Design will help you market your business so that more customers can discover and connect with you! We're here to boost your online presence and bring more clients to your

We offer three budget-friendly packages to
help you achieve
maximum advertising impact at the best prices.

Online Business


  • Local Listing:$300(One Time)

  • ​Apply Google Business Account (Free)


  • Google Ads:$180/Month​

  • ​Apply Google Business ​Account(Free)


  • ​xiaohongshu:$180/Month

  • ​Facebook & Instagram :$180/Month

  • ​Apply Google Business Account(Free)

How can I spend less and maximize profits?

North Star Web Design can Help You!

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